Let Starkey Mechanical Upgrade Your Lighting

Let Starkey Mechanical Upgrade Your Lighting

Electrical repair in Crumpton, Millington & Chestertown, MD is a phone call away

Does your home need an upgraded electrical system? Starkey Mechanical, Inc. can update it with professional electrical repair services including:

- Light installation and replacements
- Fan installation and replacements
- Switch and receptacle installation
- Dock wiring
- Security light installation

Call now for our efficient electrical repair services in Crumpton, Millington & Chestertown, MD and beyond.

We'll do everything in our power to upgrade yours


Is it time for an electrical service upgrade at your house? Wiring wears out over time, and worn out wires can be a fire hazard. Let us upgrade the wiring at your home or small business. Our fully licensed technicians will have a safe, efficient system in place in no time.

In an emergency situation, such as after a storm, you could be without power for a few days. For a small business owner, that could mean lost revenue. Don't sit in the dark if your power goes out. Starkey Mechanical can install a generator for your home or small business.

Ask about an electrical service upgrade or generator installation for your property in the Crumpton, Millington & Chestertown, MD area.



Flush Those Plumbing Problems Down the Drain

Flush Those Plumbing Problems Down the Drain

Your source for plumbing repair in Crumpton & Millington, MD

Plumbing problems can be messy and unpleasant. Understandably, you want them fixed as soon as possible. Whether you're a homeowner or a small business owner, standing water is a major headache. Starkey Mechanical, Inc. is ready to help when you need a plumbing repair.

Schedule a plumbing repair call now in the Crumpton & Millington, MD area.

When you're in over your head, we're here for you

So many things can go wrong with plumbing, and it can be overwhelming to try and fix things yourself. Don't risk those pipes. Let us help with all your plumbing repair needs, such as...

  • Faucet repair
  • Water heater repair
  • Toilet repair
  • Water leak repair
  • Well work

From well work to water heater repair, there's no problem too big. Don't wait until a leak becomes a flood to schedule a service call.

Set up an appointment today for plumbing services in Crumpton & Millington, MD or the surrounding areas.