These guys are the Best!! they work quickly and efficiently. They are very polite. They are careful around their work space and clean up when they are done. They all know their job and do it well. Highly recommend them..

george dudek

First class operation, top of the line in the industry. I will use them every chance I can. Mike Starkey is very knowledgeable and does what he says he is going to do. I recommend him 100 %

Don Micken

Mike Starkey is first rate. We had other heating/cooling contractors in Chestertown area who were unreliable and did not fix things. Mike's company is experienced, they are prompt and come on time, and they really fix things carefully. They worked on our heating and cooling systems several times and always completed the work very thoroughly and professionally. May be slightly more expensive than other companies around but our experience is that it's totally worth it.

Donald Gill

Very good company, personable and accommodating service. At a very fair price. ( we got 6 estimates) Thank you Starkey mechanical!!

everett thombs

These guys are awesome! Everyone is polite and knows they're job inside and out. Mike and his crew are in a class by themselves. Just recently my parents had been dealing with an old hot water furnace in a hundred year old house. They got multiple partial fixes for years . There are getting older and asked me for help. So the first person I thought of was Mike. He stopped by and came to a common sense solution to a complex system that have mystified many a tradesman for years. And it WORKS! They also take care of my home and multiple rentals with quick and common sense repairs and maintenance when needed at a reasonable price.
Thanks for everything you guys have done for me and my family!

Dolan Edwards

Hey Mike, AWESOME job by you and your crew!! We all appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail. Thank you for taking time to listen to us and you have sound advise. Please pass on to Kyle we appreciate his hard work.

Robert Roland

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